Alfred Extension: Free up some RAM

Anyone on 10.7 with Firefox and the habit of not quitting but just closing apps, shoudl be able to agree. I have 4 GB of RAM, and sometimes, my MacBook Pro gets really really sluggish. With Alfred and it’s awesome Powerpack, you can add this extension and it will execute the UNIX Command “purge”.

YOU WON’T LOOSE ANY DATA, it will feel sluggish for about half a minute, and after that, you will have more RAM free than you had before. This reall yhelps me out a lot of times, espescially if I have Lion running a long time without shutting down.

Just launch it by typing “cleanup”.

You should only use it if you need it. So looking into Activity monitor will help to figure out if the green pie piece is very very small, and you have only some 40 MBs of RAM free, go ahead and purge. It really helps.

OWN RISK, as always:


Alfred Extension: Show the user’s library folder in 10.7


here is my next Alfred Extension.

First up, what is Alfred? Alfred is a really really nice productivity app for mac, and you’ll have to use it! It just helps being really really fast! In combo with their awesome powerpack, you will be able to benefit fro extensions.

So WTH does this extension? Well, it is simply. As of 10.7, Apple started hiding the user’s library folder, which you will have to “unhide” after every major update. this extension does unhide it for you with the simple command “unhide”.


But be sure what to do! The user’s library folder isn’t hidden for no reason. Be careful and be sure you know what you do in there!


I you are fine and sure, start the downloading party!


Alfred Extension: Hide&Unhide hidden files


here my little Alfred-extension which simply hides&unhides hidden files without the need to give a parameter!  It automatically switches between hidden und unhidden!

Just type:


into alfred and it will hide your hidden files if they are shown or will show them if they are hidden.

For use, download Alfred, the greatest productivity app on the Mac. It’s really really useful!!!

You will also need their Powerpack


Have fun and start downloading!

Donload ShowHide Hidden Files