Remove text formating

So it’s a very simple thing but one I find myself opening textedit all the time. It’s the first extension I’ve made myself, and it comes complete with my first-ever icon as well!


1. Copy text from any webpage

2. Write “unformat” in Alfred

3. Paste the text and all the format and everything else is gone!

The file can be downloaded from:


(Gracias a lot for publishing!)

This is not my extension, so BIG THANKS to @judas_apps ! Really nice extension! Here’s his description, works really really good! It really removes just any styles from the text. Don’t get that confused with “cmd+alt+shift+v” or “edit->insert&paste/match style” as “cmd….” does match the style where as this extension really just removes any styles, which can be very nice! And of course, it’s a lot easier to remember “unFormat” than “finger-yoga” (Quote from judas_apps). So have fun!



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