What Microsoft actually should have done to push it’s mobile platform

Just recently, rumors came up that Microsoft eventually pays 10-15 $ for sales people who recommened Windows Phones.

Then, John Gruber from Daring Fireball asked, why they didn’t do this before, and some days later quoted Greg Kumparak on Techcrunch that buying love is admition of failure.

Now, the actual point is, why aren’t the recommending it?

  • Partly due to lacking app support (although that’s getting better)
  • lack of nice stand-out hardware “I can buy this phone with android, too, so why would I buy it with WP7? (changed with the Lumia, I’d say)

And here comes the main point:

  • Because they themselves don’t have experience in using a windows phone in day to day use!

I talked with one of them, and he never used it in day to day use.

So the question remains, what should Microsoft had done?

My answer is:

Give sales people the opportunity to test out a real phone for 3 months in day-to-day use for free. (The hardware, not the contract fees, of course)

I can’t stress that enough! Seeing a nice video/ad/picture just isn’t the same as trying it out in real life, and even that is nowwhere near the experience in day-to-day use.

The first to bullet points from the list are taken, and giving sales people the possibility of trying out WP7 for free, they would surely check of number 3, too.

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