About Link Blogs

I think:

If you linkblog, these are the rules you should follow:

  • If you link to stuff you like, it’s ok to see it as a recommendation and just add a few words. If it’s that good, you don’t have to add more than a little bit, right?
  • If you link to stuff you don’t agree with, then either take the time to write up properly why you don’t like it
  • Mostly link to stuff you like (because that’s readworthy, if you don’t like it, why should anybody else read it 1)

This is the thing you shouldn’t do:

  • Link to something you don’t agree with and add “Idiots” or “Morons” and don’t care to make a proper answer to the original blog post. That’s disrespectful to the original work put into the orignal piece.

If you don’t agree which is perfectly fine, please take the time to write up why, it’s not obvious why you don’t agree! It shows respect for original writing. And if you don’t find time or muse to write it up, just don’t link to it. 2

  1. Unless of course you specifically ask for an opinion on this piece 

  2. There is a good post I don’t completely agree with, but mostly agree with about linkblogs: http://techdistortion.com/wp/archives/991

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