I made a wallpaper…

Better said, I made four.

In my opinion, the AirDrop icon is one of the best icons ever made for OS X. I think, it might even be the most beautiful one. So in my setup, I have Lion, and for desktoips within it.

BTW: If you want to get away of this really annoying reordering by most recent used, just uncheck the second checkbox in Mission control settiongs from system settings. Seems obvious, but nevertheless somewhat difficult to explore…

If you, dear reader, need bigger versions of the images, just send me a note on twitter @jmovs or send me an email to jvmscholz@gmail.com

Hey, here they are…

  • Blue

  • Red:

  • Green:

  • Yellow:

Dear Apple, if you are in the thinkling of that this is a violation of the license agreements in Europe, specifically in Germany, then just give me a mail. I will pull the images A.S.A.P.



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