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  • mysteriousblog: Sellout

    mysteriousblog: Sellout My comment on Mysterioustrousers: they are clearly the most encouraged and sympathetic yet humorous developers I ever had contact with (which are quite a lot)! And regarding this point, they are ABSOLUTELY right! mysterioustrousers: Most of us have been there. You find some service that is slick, interesting, lean, smart and has personality. […]

  • mysteriousblog: You need twitter

    mysteriousblog: You need twitter Wo sie recht haben haben sie recht. mysterioustrousers: Until I made Calvetica and saw the benefits of Twitter first hand, I saw no reason to use it. I consider “status updates” a waste of time. Plus, there was no one following me and I didn’t know who would follow me, so […]