What if Apple doesn’t „innovate“?

Well, it could mean that Apple is screwed. But even if Apple is screwed, why would I care?

The only reason Apple could be screwed (and go bankrupt) is them not delivering experiences up to their expectations (so I wouldn’t mind them going bankrupt as a consumer) or they were „out-innovated“ 1 by another company which is even more innovative, so why would I care about Apple anymore? I mean, I can happily move all my data to another platform.

There are Apps for almost everything on any platform, I would just have to find new ones.

I don’t get why people care so deeply.

Wait a moment. Is it because of the stock market? Well, then, I couldn’t care less. Sorry, but I don’t hold Apple Stock.

  1. let’s make a neologism here ↩︎

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