Calvetica 4 (English Version)

So some time later, I now managed to translate my german review into english.

To start of, Calvetica is on the market for, I think some years now. But Version 4 is just some weeks old. And it is something completely, I mean completely different than the previous versions. In fact, the old version is now available for free here, but really, buy the new version right from the start!

It’s as of Version 4 a native universal app, so it is perfectly running on an iPhone as well as on an iPad. But as I don’t have an iPad, I can’t get into it about the iPad part. But I think, it’s in the iPad version as awesome as in the iPhone verison, Mystrou usually really successfully and gorgiously does its homework. Read more if you are intersted in a very elegant and nicely designed iPhone Calendar app.Integration

As Calvetica simply uses the underlaying parts of the native calendar, all Calendars you added sysiphuscally via the Settings app will work perfectly (almost at least, more later). Therefore, as you already guessed, all Calendars who work with iOS work also with Calvetcia. (There are some problems with events in CalDAV with participants. But I think these small bugs will be sorted out as of 4.1, which is coming soon after 4.0, according the Mysterious Trousers, developer of Calvetica 4.

First start & First impression

When you first start up Calvetica, you are welcomed with a nice little sort of “Tutorial” which guides you through some basic elements in the app. You could, and can argue, that a normally designed app for the iPhone shouldn’t even consider a “tutorial”, but then you won’t be happy here. But if you like the kind of app eg Tweetbot is, innovative, fast, simple, intuitive, then you’re right! So keep reading! 😉

Back to the tutorial, I recommend it for every user. For the new ones and the old users. Both need it. I questioned the poor support stuff at least 3 to 5 questions, who were explained in the Tutorial or at least in their linked FAQ (linked in the app). So READ IT! ( reall don’t assume, you’re not reading it, as you are reading this far in this review, but I wanted to make it clear.)

There are plenty of differences, some really smooth and detailoriented, but a lot of them also very fundamental. Like the completely rewamped today/day view.

Fast, Fast, Fast – Speed

Calvetica 3 was fast. But this thing here just tops it. It’s just fast. That’s it!

After a cold start (really closing the app via multitasking bar), it usually takes only one and a half seconds to open into responsiveness! (iPhone 4). Getting it back from the background is really instantly, no delay until you can touch again with your fingers.

I think the difference between v3 and v4 in speed in enetering events is marginal. Because in v3, you were faster adding the details, but in v4, you get the whole process with two taps done. So I think, v4 is even faster in adding events.

And it is more intuitive than the last version. So look at these pics, and get a feeling for it:

Even special functions like sophisticated reminders are very nicely implemented. Look at this piece of artwork!

It’s all fast, intuitive and simply awesome!







UI – User Interface

Well, I mentioned this very short before. Design is something you can have serious arguments about. But if you like apps like twitterific, or tweetbot, who heavily use custom UI, you’ll likely like this sort of custom UI.

But to the UI itself. Do you remember that screenshot with the Repeating settings? These smll things are the real gems in this app. It is crafted into th finest detail you can see, in how you interact with it, how you can achieve things. It’s just made with really genius minds! (And I don’t mean Apple Genius Bar “Geniuses”)

But one thing is bad at the moment, but will come with the previously mentioned 4.1 update:

  • Week view, real nice week view

But new features like:

  • the omnipresent month view, generating an overview of what is happening
  • the new method of enetering events
  • Reminders (more in a second)

really get to want to hug the app itself or at least its devs. 😉 Congrats Mysterious Trousers!

It’s the best custom interface I’ve seen in all of my apps, and I’ve used 274 (iTunes count) yet. Really. The BEST. SIMPLY THE BEST

Yeah, ther are some x.0 version kinks and glitches, but so far, nothing critically.


Don’t get confused with Tasks. This feature is actually good for everyone who doesn’t need a pedantic reminder like Due App (which reminds you every single minute until you through you iPhone on the wall very hard or just say, do it later or postpone it.

But Calvetcia is different here. You can configure your alarms to be 30 seconds long, and really loud, you can snooze it fast. But the cool things about the reminders is, you just tap’n’hold on the plus symbol, tip a short name (only if you want to), and hit eg (“in 20 minutes”). It will then remind you.

But for users who just want to note: “Print that Excel in 5 minutes” “Close sports news site” (Chief is coming in 10 min), it’s perhaps just perfect. Intuitive, fast, simple, yet powerful.

Kudos Mysterious Trousers!

Tasks – ToDos

We talk about a calendar app. Mysterious Trousers once detailed (not by themselves directly, but explicitely linked) their thinking about task management. And it’s completely different than mine. I use a combination of Things (both iPhone and Mac) and the before mentioned Dueapp. And I am completely happy with this combination. But if you are happy to give evry ToDo a specific day, use 3 priorities and unlimited self configurable categories, you could be happy.

You can also sync these tasks via Pocket Lint zu synchronisieren. Therefore, you can sync between your ipad and your iphone flawelessly with this solution. very nice. Free

Custom Alerts

You switch of the native iOS calendar plong in tone menu, switch oin the Calvetica ones, and experience awesomeness.

You can configure Calvetica to fire its own notifications. So can open the notification and get directly into calvetica. This is very handy, espescially, if you then dislike the native calendar as you are using the calvetica one and also as you then can choose between “snooze” (doesn’t even exist in the native calendar) for 10 minutes, 15 and two other times, view the event details or simply get rid of the notification. You also get 6 new possible sound for you reminders. Some louder, some just longer (up to 30 secs), and some both.

You can also add more than 2 reminders to an event, which tuns out to be very handy.


The reall ycrazy shit starts her: Look up here and search for a detail screen of an event. You can completely customize the order of the fiels and even choose , which fields to display. Now tell me the app that can do this. For 2,99$. That’s just crazy. And great!


I discovered it merely by accident, but it let’s you search for things in a way, you haven’t been able before. You search the event “ABC Awesome”, but you don’t know the first “ABC” part, only “Awesome”, no problem. It will find it. You just knopw some “some”, tip/tap it, and it will find it for you! Really handy!

Mysterious Trousers

One of the most important pieces in software is the case, you have a problem with the software. And you contatc the support. And this is, where I am completely, I mean COMPLETELY stunned. It’s just so extraordinary phenomenally good, that I can’t even imagine, that it’s real. They really have a good humour, are very fast, either via Twitter or mail (fast via both!!!), and very kind all the time. They also keep their customers up to date of what’s happening on updates often, too.

But one of the most importan signs of good apps of people who aren’t wrong, is, when they really stand up for it. When they say, “This is it, this is how we imagined it, and it IS right!”. They really stand up for their beliefs. But they als focus on customer satisfaction. Just read the text of Notvetica on the AppStore. The description. Just read it, and you’ll know what I mean.


The app is well for old and new users. Old user, realize, that change is a chance, alsways, and not a threat! And if you can’t get happy with it, it’s the simple cinsequence of these 3 words: “Love it – Change it – or leave it”. But writing them an email with a hilarious idea, they might actually include it in an upcoming release. (Did this with some of mine before!;-) ).

Short Tipp at the end: In Calvetica, Buttons often don’t have borders, so just tap on the things you want to change. It will be able to change it I think 95% of the time.

For every user group, for the ones who want to start th calendar app, this is the perfect shot.

For the users who use it on a daily or even hourly basis, it will be the dream in sky on earth. Give it a try!

10 out of 10 Points!

Calvetica, 2,99$ AppStore

If you managed to read this long review ‘til here, then leave me a comment above this hell, or contact me via Twitter and spam me! 😀 AND DON’T take me literally in Spamming! ^^ I would be happy to read these opinions

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