Working message links for iOS from Omnifocus on the Mac

Here is what you need to tweak where to get your links in Omnifocus added mail links to work on iOS 7, too:

First, navigate into /Applications/, right click on it and select “Show package contents”. Go further into Contents/Plugins/BuiltInPluginHandlers.plugin. Again, tap right and select “show package contents” and dive into it. Now again Contents/Ressources/Mail-Leopard.applescript. For reference, your path should look something like that:


After opening the file (in your favorite Apple-Script editor), you should see some violet blob of text like this:
uncompiled AppleScript
Now use the “compile” button and compile it so you can actually decypher something there, it should look like this:
Compiled AppleScript

Now scroll down until you are at this place:
critical part

Now as you can see, at my document, there is already two (2) “//” right after message:, just add them at this position like you see them in my screenshot. Now hit Save and close AppleScript editor and close Omnifocus.

– open Omnifocus
– go into settings and uninstall your mail clippings handler (it’s under Clippings, it’s the Clip-O-Tron 3000 thingy)
– install it again
– go into mail and (the default is Cmd+alt+space) get an email into your inbox and enjoy click and tappable original message links in the notes field. 😉 These will sync to iOS and will allow you (as long as the Email is locally on your phone/iPad) to open the corresponding message right from Omnifocus in Mail! Thanks @viticci for bringing the URL scheme and I believe the missing “//” up!

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